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Day Seven: Voting and Blind Tasting

Our blind tasting

It was election day in France and we were having our own kind of election – blind tasting the wines that we had chosen. We immediately realized that we had a problem. As we looked at the assembled collection of wines we had gathered at Waynes shop we realized we had too many wines to taste – even if we …

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Day Six: Incredible St. Emilion

France Blog Day 6 13 Of 611

The first time I visited St Emilion was in July of 1999. It was a hot day and I had no idea what I was about to experience. I was completely blown away that day. We wandered the steep narrow streets in awe and had dinner in the center square under a perfect Bordeaux sky and I thought I was …

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Day Five: The Search Continues

France Blog Day 4 7 Of 107 E1336304141488

Having conquered the Co-ops we have time to look for more Cru Bourgeois wines.  These are wines that have made it into the classification ranks and can be excellent wines.  Bill (Mr. Research) has been combing through all the wines in the Medoc to find ones that do not export to the United States and he has several that we …

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Day Four: The Co-Ops

France Blog Day 4 11 Of 18 E1336131632933

Our goal is always to find great wines that are not currently imported to the United States.  This is not always easy as most of the good wines are being discovered by other importers and are making their way to America.  Six of the wines we have discovered are now in stores in the US.  I am happy for those …

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Day Three

France Blog Day 1 57 Of 72 E1336078515275

Bill is here and we are now in full wine searching mode.  We have decided to spend today looking for more Cave Cooperatives.   The cornerstone wine for the club has been Chateau Grand Saint Brice – from a Cave Cooperative in St Yzans de Medoc.   It is a wonderful wine in small production at a fantastic price.  Another …

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Day Two

France Blog Day 2 17 Of 56 E1336013955838

May 1st is a holiday in France – Labor Day – so all of the shops and wineries were closed. On every corner there are people selling tiny flowers as part of their cultural holiday tradition. It is supposedly good luck to receive  rose on Labor Day.  Bill arrived today on the TGV into Bordeaux, so we spent most of the …

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Day One

France 1 27 Of 28

    Our first stop was Chateau Cornelie.  Patrick doesn’t want anyone to know where his cave is, so there is no sign for it.  We were told to make a right after we passed another chateau, then look for a red door and a white Fiat.  That is like looking for grey hair at the Union League Glee Club. …

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"Life is too short to drink bad wine."