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Bob and Bill at Reclos de la Couronne
Bob and Bill at Reclos de la Couronne

Bill Vandermarel and Bob Perkins began their passion for great wine almost fifteen years ago before they knew each other.  Bob: “Some friends invited my wife and I to a wine tasting for my fortieth birthday.  We tasted thirteen wines that night and I knew then that Bordeaux was the wine I loved.”   Bill: “I began by tasting wines from all over the world.  I enjoyed the new world wines, but the French wines with their terroir really struck me.  Over time I’ve focused my collection on Bordeaux.”

When Bob moved to Canada in 1996 he met Bill and discovered they both had just begun climbing up the wine learning curve.

Bob: “As we tasted wines from all over the world we discovered our mutual love for Bordeaux.  This love grew into trips with our wives to Bordeaux and other parts of France and we found ourselves building our cellars with a heavy emphasis on the wines of Bordeaux.  On each trip we marveled at the great wines we were tasting that were never exported to North America.”

Bill: “To get a good Bordeaux in America you have to pay $50 -$100 a bottle.  In France you can get good Bordeaux for about 10Euros.  The discrepancy just didn’t make sense to us.”

Bob and Bill

While visiting Bordeaux in 2003 Bob met Wayne, the owner of Cave L’Avant Garde in Margaux  and began a relationship that continues today.  Wayne handles all of the details on the French side for the club as well as recommending some great wines for us to discover.

In July of 2006 Bob and Bill were having lunch in Margaux with their sons and the idea for the club was born.  They would share their passion and hobby with their friends by forming B&B’s French Wine Club.   Bob and Bill travel to France each year and pick the wines, and Wayne ships them to the members in North America.

Our selection of wines have been a huge success as we have found great wines for our members that are otherwise unavailable in the US.  We would like to add you to our circle of friends who get to enjoy these great wines by becoming a member today.  As Thomas Jefferson said,

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”


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