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Wine Is The Art You Can Drink

Wine Is Art In A Glass A Wine Manifesto Is a Monet 95 points and a Renoir 94 points?     Wine is art. It is art in a glass, and grading wines on a point scale like they do in Consumer Reports is fine for cars and refrigerators but it’s a terrible way to think about wine. The point system …

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I wanted to send you a note regarding my enjoyment of your wine club. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Bordeaux wines you have selected for us. What you do for your members is absolutely amazing. I would never be able to find wines like these and furthermore I would not know which ones to select. You take all …

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Bordeaux 2016 – Day 7

Our last day in Bordeaux was bound to be a great one, but it started off with a panic. I woke in the morning remembering some of the wines that we had collected from the Left Bank and realized that I never saw them in the blind tasting. Somehow in the collected mass of wines at Wayne’s shop we had …

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Bordeaux 2016 – Day 6

I was excited to spend the final three nights of our trip in my favorite place, and home base in Bordeaux for the last ten years, Margaux. This sleepy little town is the home to some of the biggest names in the wine world including the Premier Grand Cru Chateau Margaux, and the powerhouses of Ch. Rasan Segla, Ch. Lascombes, …

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Bordeaux 2016 – Day 5

When I was planning this years trip I knew I had to include a couple of tours at some of the big “name” Chateaux, including a Premier Grand Cru if I could. I have done the tour at Mouton Rothschild several times, and while it is excellent I wanted something different. Unfortunately both Chateau La Tour and Chateau Lafitte Rothschild …

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Bordeaux 2016 – Day 4

Every trip seems to have a “hump day,” that has too much crammed into it but just has to be done in order to get to all the things you want to see. This was that day. We began with a visit to Uni Medoc about twenty minutes from our hotel in Begadan. Uni Medoc is a huge cooperative that …

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Bordeaux Adventure 2016, Days Two and Three

France is closed on Sunday. Ferme. On Sunday in France there is no commercial activity. The stores are closed, the wineries are closed, pretty much everything is closed. Rather than hang around St Emilion all day, I decided to take the group to Sarlat and Domme since both of these ancient towns are centered around tourism and I knew everything …

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Bordeaux Adventure 2016, St Emilion and Pomerol

The group arrived mostly on schedule with only a slightly late train and one missed connection holding up our first day. All of France is celebrating Euro 16 and Bordeaux is hosting some of the matches. In addition to the soccer mania, there is also the grand Fete de Vin de Bordeaux – a wine festival held every other year …

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Bordeaux Adventure 2016, Day One

I am sitting in a quiet café in sun drenched St Raphael on the Cote d’Azure spending the afternoon relaxing and catching up after an amazing week in Bordeaux. This years wine trip was a group tour that was an eight day extravaganza beginning in St Emilion, venturing to Sarlat and Domme, then back to Graves, up to Begadan, on …

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What’s Wrong With My Wine?

Many years ago, when I was first getting into wine I got a great lesson in bad wine. We were having dinner with friends at a lovely restaurant and my host graciously ordered a very expensive bottle of wine. When the waiter brought it to the table, he poured a little for my friend to assess. After sticking his nose …

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"Life is too short to drink bad wine."