Members Comments



I wanted to send you a note regarding my enjoyment of your wine club. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Bordeaux wines you have selected for us. What you do for your members is absolutely amazing. I would never be able to find wines like these and furthermore I would not know which ones to select. You take all of the guess work out of the process and deliver these wines to me at much less than I would have to pay locally – if I could even find them. I rave about your club to any wine enthusiast I talk with and look forward to receiving future exquisite Bordeaux wines from you. I am so delighted to have learned about your club and that I took the steps to join. Thanks for all you do on our behalf.

John Turpin



Firstly, I was thinking about dropping you a quick note to thank you for what you do for us. I know it’s a business but the reality is that it is much more than that. B&B brings a measure of pleasure & culture into our lives in an affordable manner that we would otherwise just not have access to experience. Since your most recent email prompted me to do it now rather than later and it might seem fortuitous timing I will explain the event that brought you to mind.

Two nights ago some friends took us to dinner at a very nice, well known and expensive restaurant as we hadn’t seen each other in a while. The dinner was pretty good and the company fantastic as always. What stuck out like a sore thumb was the poor quality wine that was served. The host picked, with the help of the Som, two bottles of grossly overpriced Bordeaux’s from well known Chateau’s. Names withheld to protect the guilty. They were reasonably aged but were just blah, plonk as you might say. It really detracted from the evening. Afterwards, both Marianne and I commented that we really wish it had been possible to bring some of Bob’s wines. Please keep doing what you are doing. It makes a difference to us and others.

Michael DeThomas – Philadelphia



The B and B Wine Club has been a successful and reliable source of excellent French wines that I could not find or acquire at same cost. Behind this success is Bob Perkins, who personally selects and describes the style and characteristics of each wine offered so that I know when and how to enjoy the uniquely French flavors.
B&B makes easy a selection of reliable wines that complement our cellar and enjoyment of matching the right wine for the right occasion.

Jim Ellison, Los Angeles, California


Dear Bob,

 I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the fine work you do selecting great French red wines. I would consider myself a cabernet lover and really have a  preference and liking for great California cabs. That was until I took a business trip to France a few year ago and was introduced to some great French Bordeaux’s by a business a associate I was traveling with.    When I returned I thought maybe there is some way to find a wine club that could identify great Bordeaux’s at a reasonable price.  (I didn’t know that much about French wines and needed a place to start.) I thought this might be a long shot and I am very skeptical of wine clubs in general. My search led me to the B & B wine club and I e-mailed them with a few questions.  Bob actually called me back to answer the questions.  I liked the fact they were small, they actually go out and pick the wines themselves, they only work with red Bordeaux’s and the wines are reasonable priced for value.   Surprisingly after a year and a half in the club I’ll have to say my wife and I do not consider ourselves California wine lovers any more.  We prefer the French Bordeaux’s.  I still have plenty of California wines in the cellar but at this point I think we will only be restocking the wines from the B & B wine club.

Thanks guys and great job !  

Jeff Van Drunen

Dyer, Indiana.